Can You Put That in a Glass

If you are reading this then you probably care about the beer you drink. But what about the glass you put it in?


Are you the person, when everyone in your group is drinking from a bottle asks the barkeep or restaurant server if they would put your beer in a glass?

 Do you ever carry beer glasses with you to a conference or on vacation?

Do you have a favorite beer glass you keep going back to enjoy your beer with dinner?

And how do you feel when someone is drinking water from a favorite Belgian tulip glass?  To them, perhaps, is just another glass. But to you, it's a specialized tool.

You get upset when people want to wash your beer glasses?  I mean there is a risk it may get broken in the sink or drain! And your glasses will never go in the dishwasher!

Is this an obsession or consider within normal behavior for the common beer geek?