Pour Hard, Admire & Enjoy

Sawtooth Ale Nitro by Left Hand Brewing is an interesting twist on a traditional beer. Here are four reasons you'll love this beer and one why you may not.

Why You Will Love This Beer

  1. Its simply a great ale. Made with four malts and three varieties of hops - its made great and tastes great.
  2. At 5.3% ABV its a great summer brew - not quite a session beer - you can have more than one and still cut the lawn without hurting yourself. As matter of fact, it will go down so smoothly you will want another. That leads to the third point.
  3. Its so smooth it will slide down without too much thought. Its the nitro!
  4. It is quite a novelty, the nitro used in an ale, that your friends will think you are quite the beer expert. Especially when you explain the nitro thing to them.

Why You Won't Like This Beer

  1. Well there is only one reason you could possibly not like this beer, it is too smooth (see point three above). Nitrogen, rather than CO2 makes a beer very smooth as it slides down the back of your throat. You may know this phenomenon if you've ever had a Guinness Stout. Its the nitrogen that make that beer so smooth, with beautiful flowing creamy head. Its familar in a stout but not an ale.

Two More Points

Before I let you go there are two things you need to know that may change your mind if you try this beer and think its not for you. You do have to pour it hard - meaning get your glass planted and pour the beer right down the middle until it is completely poured into the glass. It is firmed stated on the 6-pack - Step 1 - Pour hard, Step 2 - Admire & enjoy. Its fun to watch the head grow and change as the strata rise and fall. Left Hand Brewing has a nice video demonstrating the technique - its worth giving it a go.

Secondly, be willing to try it again. Many beers I have come to love I didn't like the first time I tried it. Its strange how a beer can grow on you after the second try. That was that way with this beer for me.

About Nitrogen in Beer
Left Hand Brewing has put together a nice write up about using nitrogen in beer. Its worth the time.

Tasting Notes
Sawtooth Nitro is listed at 5.3% ABV and 27 IBUs. It pours a lovely amber to almost copper color. If you pour it according to instructions, at a 90-degree angle down the middle of the glass or as they put it - hard - you will notice a frothy cream colored head explode, build and then quite down. With the nitro, the mouthfeel is unusual but pleasing - not harse at all. You get some hop aroma and flavor but not too heavy on either.