Beer Restuarant Nirvana


Are you the kind of person that rates a restaurant by how it handles its beer? I am, at least I will always make that observation. Some will have great food but really not take their beer selections or presentation very seriously - having the same six beers week after week and then only a couple that I would find drinkable - sorry Bud-anything.

Then others, even while they may have an excellent beer selection - hard to find beer selections, rotating beer offerings - they only use the American shaker pint glass. Ah, and so close.

Then a high-end restaurant will have an excellent food menu, great beer selection, use of the proper glass to deliver you your favorite Belgian triple, only to charge you $15 for the pleasure.

I now know that a beer-food nirvana is possible, I have been to the mountain top and the view is awesome. Perhaps I've been nieve or maybe its just where I live and the brewpubs close by only offer average beer. There have been some exceptions, like Dogfish Head in Rehobeth, Delaware but mostly only average.

While on a business trip I had the chance to follow up on a recommendation from a friend and fellow beer geek. He lives closer to the Evolution Craft Brewing brewpub in Salisbury, MD and has raved about the food. I knew the beer and loved what they have been doing. So our group was in the area and looking for a place to dine for the evening but I'd already decided where I was going - Evo.

It was all that I'd envisioned it to be. Not only many of the beers I've come to know but at normal prices. Their prized beers were given due respect, served in nice tupip glasses. The food was great as well, organic local ingredients with many good choices. Plus, the waitress could talk beer. Unusual and in-line with everything else about this place.

I too am now an evagelist for the Evo brewpub in Salisbury. If you are ever in the town or even near it, looking for a great place to eat and who has full respect for their beers, make the diversion, it will be worth it.