Beer Seasons

Seasonals are a wonder to experience. It keeps life interesting that there are always a group of beers just waiting to be released. I keep telling any one that will listen, and some that don't, that this is a great time in history to be a beer drinker.

Case in point, bourbon barrel beers. Stouts, porters, dark ales, these are simply great sipping beers. The weather may keep us inside more than we would like, the sunshine is shorter, snow and ice - but the beer offerings are oh so nice.


This evening I've been gently tasting the latest edition of Migration Series by Evolution Craft Brewing - Bourbon Barrel Dark Ale. Straight forward whiskey nose and a flavor well balanced. Vanilla with a welcomed bit of alcohol bite (10.5% ABV). If I only had a fireplace this would be the perfect setting.

The thing is, my favorite store got four excellent barrel-brews in on a single day. I need more drinkable hours in the day.

So the winter beers are waning from the shelves. Pumpkin and Märzens have come and gone. But the Spring hops will be showing up soon. As I said, in the beer world there is always another season to look forward to.