Summer Love


It's summer time and we want beers that reflect the season and all the things we enjoy during this time. So when looking at sites such as RateBeer for some background on Summer Love by Victory Brewing I was surprised to find at least six beers wit the same name. But what's in a name, let's look into the beer.

Tasting Notes

Tasted - 9 Jun 2013 Beer Name - Summer of Love Brewery - Victory Brewing Style - Blonde Ale Delivery - Bottle ABV - 5.5% Price - $11.99/6-pack Color - 15.2 SRM

Appearance - 4 / 5 Pale yellow straw color. Creamy white head, quick to dissipate.

Aroma - 6 / 10 Straw, grassy.

Flavour - 8 / 10 No bitterness in this summer brew. Gentle, smooth.

Mouthfeel - 4 / 5 Light and refreshing.

Overall - 16 / 20 Excellent summer sessional drink. I could easily have a couple of these after mowing the lawn and still get meaningful work done if I needed to. Or then again, just relax.

Total Score - 3.8 / 5.0

Notes from the brewery - Brewed locally at the Victory Brewery in Chester County, the Summer of Love Ale is a golden ale made with pale malts, German hops and Brandywine River water. This specific style of beer was chosen because it has a broad appeal and will be accessible for casual beer drinkers, but will still retain exciting hop notes. The brew has a vibrant and refreshing pale color derived from its lean and refreshing malt body. And the initially floral aroma of hops segues into a well integrated, refreshing hop dryness of European heritage.


RateBeer :: 91pt

BeerAdvocate :: 86 pts