Bottles Worth Saving

Okay, so we agree we love to enjoy a great beer - that is the focus of our passion. But isn't it also true that some bottles that house that beer are simply works of art in themselves? Haven't you looked at a bottle at one time or another and simply said, "Now that is a work of art." 

For me, the first bottle that I had that feeling about was the Grolsh bottle with the ceramic top and metal clasp. If someone took the time and expense to put that on a single bottle of beer, that says that the beer inside is something special. 

I have a stone bottle that my wife gave me for Christmas a few years ago (probably 10 years by now). I can't bring myself to drink it. Opening it would ruin the completeness of this thing. Even though it was created to be drank and by me not opening it has not been allowed to complete its purpose - I have moved it from a bottle of beer to a work of art.

I was looking at a bottle of Ayinger Celebrator with the colorful label and plastic goat hanging from a string. I'm sorry but you can't just open that bottle without a pause.

So, here's a toast to Bottles Worth Saving! Thank you brewers for taking the time for not only making a great beer but also the vessel.

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