Hey, There's an Egg in My Beer

I love scrambled eggs in the morning (anytime really) and one morning was feeling a little playful.

How would beer be in my eggs?

A quick internet search turned up many bread recipes and some other ideas for cooking with beer. But nothing along what I was thinking. Not one to be easily discouraged, I plodded on.

I had a little IPA left over from the night before and though I'd give it a go. After pouring a little into my egg mix, I thought it best to sample this first, so I poured a bit into my hot skillet, cooked it up and tasted. Ah, not bad. So I'll bump it up a bit (bam) and poured even more into the egg mix. Time to cook.

One note, too much of a good thing doesn't always offer the best results. First, it was difficulut to get the eggs to set. Then the first taste and my immediate thought was - eggs shouldn't be bitter. The other bites weren't as powerful so it wasn't a wasted egg.

Now what about some other beers? I have some stout in the fridge and its not yet 8 am. Ah, I'll leave some excitement for next time.