Stout Season

Stout Season — My Favorite Time of Year.

When the days grow short and a nip comes to the air, summer’s days have past and give way to autumn. And with this season comes many favorite things — the brilliant colors of the maples, sweaters, and stouts.

Oh yes, I love a great summer sipper like the next person, but beers have seasons. With Spring I look forward to Saison. October comes Märzens. But November, like the honking of the geese overhead, the stouts come out. Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout, Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout and many other favorites.

The desire for a cold beer has subsided and now I want my beer warming, in temperature, taste and attitude. There are many autumn song playlists — just pick a genre. For me, make mine a stout. Yes, stout season is my favorite time of year.